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Hey Gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my hair boutique!!! My name is Jen, and I'm a busy mom of two and founder of BLUSH AND BOWS CANADA.  After my second mat leave, I was starting to feel a little less like myself, and a little more frumpy.  Gone were the days of having time for myself and self care.  Having unlimited time for styling my hair before leaving the house was definitely a thing of the past.  I remember how good I felt when my hair was actually done.  I was happier, I felt more put together, more confident and more me! I decided that I couldn't be the only one struggling, so I paired this with my love for all things hair and fashion - and so became BLUSH AND BOWS.  A women's hair accessory boutique, for those looking to elevate any outfit.  Our styles are fun and easy to use, perfect for all occasions! I love helping women feel more confident, look their best and most of all - HAVE A GREAT HAIR DAY!!

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